Agent Distribution

It is with their support, we are reaching wide customer base and expanding our business.

Quality Inspection Process

We carry out different testing processes at our unit to ensure the products manufacture are worthy. There are 10 major testing steps of quality inspection process at our unit, which are listed us under:

  • Incoming Material Inspection
  • Warehouse Acceptance
  • Batching And Dispatching
  • Workshop Assembly
  • Semi-finished Product Inspection
  • Fill In The Test Data And Test Report
  • Actual Test On The Machine
  • Finished Product Inspection
  • Product Debugging
  • Complete Assembly

Why Choose Us?

Here are some key attributes because of which customers prefer to buy from us:

  • Main Business Scope: Turnkey services for manufacturing equipment, customizing non-standard instruments, developing software, calibrating equipment, and maintaining equipment.
  • Focus on Talent: Provide a full career progression mechanism, offer car or home purchase incentives for exceptional employees, and are people-oriented.
  • Corporate Mission: Deliver the greatest test equipment to our customers, is our mission statement. Innovation, Efficiency, Heritage, Passion and Persistence is our guiding principle considering which we are working and manufacturing Battery Nail Penetration Test Chamber, Walk In Temperature Humidity Test Chamber, Hydraulic Universal Test Machine, Simulates Transportation Vibration Test Machine, etc.

R&D Strength

We have developed relationships of cooperation with numerous colleges and research institutions. R&D technicians make up 25% of the companys technical staff as a whole. More than 50% has an undergraduate degree. Further, we have 10 years of experience in industrial R&D. Our focus

Production Process Full Testing

Incoming Inspection is done by us to make sure that the assembled parts match the standards, the performance and quality of the parts are examined when they are initially received. Further more Production Inspection is done to make sure that the assembled parts match the standards, the performance and quality of the parts are examined when they are initially received.

Each piece of factory equipment is put through a series of tests and inspections, which is termed as
Factory Testing to make sure it complies with all requirements. In addition, third-party inspection companies evaluate the shipping equipment, and reputable test reports are published to guarantee the validity of the testing done for array including Simulates Transportation Vibration Test Machine, Hydraulic Universal Test Machine,Walk In Temperature Humidity Test Chamber, etc.

Agent Investment

The dependability of products is becoming more and more important in daily life as a result of continuous development. This is especially true for products with accelerated update rates, 5G communication technology, new energy, high-speed rail transit, automobile manufacturing, batteries, medical treatment, power tools, and other products.

Customers are particularly worried about after-sales service when purchasing testing equipment, which has 18 years of international sales expertise. As a result, HUDA's initial goal was to establish channel management and provide local clients with local agents. As a producer, we offer top-notch goods and technical services while allocating a portion of the revenues to help our business partners expand and run the regional market. We uphold the agent priority principle and defend and protect their interests. In addition to our regular equipment, we also offer OEM production and accept non-standard customized services.

Service Support

We will provide the following series of support according to your needs:

  • Product information and technical information.
  • Enjoy the customer resources obtained by the promotion of the head office.
  • Assist in participating in local industry exhibitions.
  • Help to visit local key customers.
  • Provide demo machines.
  • Provide headquarter product learning and training.
  • Price discounts and sales rebates.

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